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There is a new Sheriff in town.

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

#elonmusk stands up to censorship. He offered to buy twitter, then backed out because it was messy considering all of the bots. It's crazy to think how you can make thousands of comments on a paid post via bot and A.I. in your favor or to your enemies demise, of course, for an amount of money to sway popular opinion.

One can argue that privatized speech (twitter) platforms are allowed to pick and choose who they want and deny the opinions of the others.

I wonder what the 1st amendment of the constitution says about privatized online platforms? I guess the constitution does not apply? Of course not if it is private business. Lol.

We can immediately see the difference on twitter it's like a veil was lifted.

Congratulations #elonmusk

Somebody is using their wealth for good.

In a recent interview he mentioned that he got his motivation from #kanyewest speaking his truth. Shoutout to all the friends back on twitter that were banned. Here's to #Shibainu going back to gold standard.

Elon Musk also said that journalists with "they/them" pronouns will pay double the standard $8.

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