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Of The most important messages Bob left us:

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Never gonna miss your water until your well runs dry.. No matter how you treat him man, will never be satisfied…

self explanatory

The road of life is rocky and you may stumble too

so while you point your finger

someone else is judging you

love your brother man

Yea can we say it louder for the people in the back?

The stone that the builder refused will always be the hedgecorner stone.

You're a builder, baby Here I am, a stone Don't you pick and refuse me 'Cause the things people refuse Are the things they should choose Do you hear me? Hear what I say! Stone that the builder refuse Will always be the head cornerstone-a tell me why Here I am baby I am, a builder's stone! Don't you pick and refuse me, listen The tings people refuse Are the things they should use Do you hear me Hear what I say I wonder how many can relate to this song, Bob explains what it was like growing up a bit different, his father and him had an interesting dynamic. Bob was teased for being a "half breed" as his father was a white man and his mother Jamaican, African, It was a different time. This song speaks about how hard he worked to prove himself worthy hence the stone who was refused turned building block. The once rejected stone turned into a foundational corner piece for the whole wall.

The ones who are tasked with the most difficult situations in life are usually meant to hold court and open doors for the rest.. life will have you face the most difficult circumstances but all the while polishing you for the heavier situations ahead, hence creating you a hedge corner stone for others. A builders stone.

🔮 The Oracle’s Message: Drawing this marker says that you must

now search your heart for any unresolved resentment, anger, or disagreements between you

and another. If you’re still hurt or angry about another’s behavior, or if there are circumstances in your life that you resent, this is a time when it’s crucial to release the negative energy surrounding those situations. Resisting this will only impede your growth and draw more unwanted experiences to you.

Resentment and anger are emotions that actually bind you and hook you to the events that cause your suffering, keeping them alive inside you, draining you of your life force and inner light. Nothing good comes from hate, anger, or resentment. Peace can only come through forgiveness when you release all that binds you to negativity. Perhaps you need to forgive yourself for placing unrealistic expectations on your situation resulting in a self-sabotaging perception tainted by perfectionism.

Look at the world and see how the lack of forgiveness feeds the turmoil and suffering around you. Forgiveness is the key to freedom and peace . . . and it starts with you.

This marker requires you to practice forgiveness so that you can be an active part of spreading peace and beauty throughout this troubled world.

Excerpt from

the Oracle Deck: The wisdom of Avalon

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