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The Global Revolution

Updated: May 12

The Latin American War lasted around 25 years.

The American Revolution lasted around 18 years.

The Siberian Revolution lasted around 30 years.

Noticing a timeline trend?

What Im trying to shed light on is the act that we as humans have this preconceived notion that the effects of our rebellion and societal change happens overnight.

It doesn't though... People think the system collapses overnight, no.

It is a series of events that collectively happen that results in radical change.

Only after the bulk of change has occurred do recorders document the transformation.

I personally believe we already are in the newest revolution and it hasn't been documented because our work isn't finished. I also personally believe the first global revolution started in 2020. It started with COVID and it was a psyop to test the human response to control and fear and was prerequisite for the implementation of the CBDC.

Look at the chain of events since COVID started until now. Look at how we have collectively pushed back against injustice. Look what's happening in Tennessee and Ohio and on the global stage. Look what is happening in France and Israel and also look at Cash Apps founder Bob Lee stabbed to death right here in his home in San Francisco.

We are all aware of all these major events because of non main stream media, we are becoming more self aware. As our awareness for the abuse of citizens increases, We are already here and we are a crucial part of this revolution.....

Keep fighting the good fight my friends.

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