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The Cats in the Cradle

Updated: Oct 9, 2022

Today I thought I was doing something wrong because my cat George Soxington was a nervous wreck as he "wasted" his day away on a bed I made for him in the dark bathroom under neath the sink. It turns out he is comfortable there and I’m A ok with it. I totally understand, say no more George.. 🐈‍🌟

Most cats are bundles of nerves and anxiety, living in a near-constant state of fear. For a scared cat, hiding is instinctive, and many felines gravitate to dark places in such instances. Cats hide in dark places to protect themselves from danger. While located in a dark place, a cat cannot be seen. I sense there is a lot I can learn from his behavior and natural instincts..

When you really look at abandonment issues you can easily find a common thread. This guy that girl will always leave you but animals for some reason don’t. They have a heart that doesn’t allow them to leave their person, no matter how hard it gets, they attach, offering in return their heart of Gold

A man walked around Los Angeles (Youtube) offering random strangers $100,000 to take their pet off their hands. Every single person interviewed said absolutely not! Thats a lot of money. The moral of the story is they are loving companions without corruption doing the work of an angel.

Even when the skies turn grey and you aren’t there for them like you should be. They will literally stay by your side and hold space as simple as that may seem, its a full time job. They do not know betrayal or backstabing like your ex, they are not petty. Quite clever and unconditional is their heart. Why not learn from them? They understand and only hope for the best. They knowingly put all there faith or eggs in one basket and they count on you. They rarely abandon their mates only to hopefully receive the same respect in return.

It’s time to treat our fellow human beings the same way. Without vengeance and with love and compassion. Let us learn from animals. #Rise #elevate #human #animal

Bless their hearts.

George Soxington is a clever little fellow. We enjoy going to the grocery store together, I take him in a cat Stroller (see below) and he loves to sniff the produce, he enjoys smelling bananas and mangos the most. Most people assume I have a child in the stroller, I don't. It is a handsome male black cat. Only once did anyone really notice it was not a child and thats only because the curious little girl was eye level with the stroller said hey "thats a cat" George laughed, I laughed, she laughed and we went on our way.

A little humor in your daily routine is a must, thats if your pets are willing to participate.

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