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Pandemic Prices are Hurting my Feelings

Updated: Oct 22, 2021

Having a few tricks up your sleeve is awesome especially now; here are some simple ones to #producthack

Air Fresheners & Odor-Eliminating Product.

Its honestly the best! But why so expensive? Weather you want to freshen the sheets before making the bed in the morning or get the wet dog smell out a room of partying smokers... this one's a must!

1. Add a small amount of laundry detergent to the febreeze bottle and fill the rest with water. Shake and Voila! I just saved you some money.

Every room has a window, at least one. Here are a few herbs that are so easy to grow they almost do it by their self in the fridge. If you know you know. Save some veggie cuttings and scraps before you toss them..

Organic herbs are expensive right now so its amazing to have a few around around; garlic, basil, rosemary, thyme parsley (don't bother with cilantro it will only hurt your feelings)

Every room has a window, at least one. Here are a few herbs that are so easy to grow they almost do it by them self in the fridge. Just Add moisture. If you know you know.

Propagating plants is seriously rewarding! Small tomatoes grow perfectly in a tiny pot as well as green onion, shallot and horse radish, yes the root, sweet potato and yams both provide incredible vines, all of them once scraps from a dinner. They make gorgeous house plants.

Remember to always leave Lavender for luck near your front door. Its a whole vibe! This an Avocado starter, its that easy.

This Avocado seed base reminds me of a tequila bottle from the old days.! its perfect! You know where to get a patron bottle to start this piece of gorgeousnesss but and if you want something nicer here you go...

Spaghetti is so amazing, starchy, deliciously and full of carbs, yes the simple ones that make you full in the waist.

Zucchini noodles are full of water and fiber and perfect for eliminating those empty carbohydrates that mess with your blood sugar and cause you to store fat.

Enter Zoodler

I promise you won't really notice they are vegetable noodles as long as you don't try and cook them. Simply pour your boiling hot sauce all over the fresh noodles and they will become tender and delightful. Skip that starch put it in the pantry for a different occasion.

Its also really inexpensive don't bother with the fancy version this guy will fit in your knife door.... check it out here.

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