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#Kanye: Revolutionary or Revolution is Scary?

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

"I just tell the truth in a world full of lies"

-Kanye West

Remove me from the lies, media and narratives.

I feel bad for Ye because he gets called crazy, mentally unstable. I'm no judge of that but I have experienced something similar. And he is being truthful in his world.

Is it not ok to have a perspective? Obviously the Semite stuff has to go but he is yeezus (per 2013 album "Yeezus") and Jewish himself, aren't we all? Of course he has a platform and a ton of money unlike many with said. But calling him nuts for speaking his truth, is the problem to me.

He was kicked off online platforms, got his money: 11 billion rejected from the bank. #chasebank. Apparently he's going to go shack up with #ElonMusk and I'm here for it.

There are a LOT of people that are super agreeing with his honesty. Is it time to start burning Adidas products? He did manage to release his contract with them. Intentional who knows? OMG what's next.

Are we not entertained?

At the end of the day we have to remember he is a rapper expressing himself.

Nobody batted an eye when #Flavorflave walked around with a huge clock on his necklace asking everyone "what time of day it was"?

Tupac told him back in the day to get his money right and then speak up. He did.

The White lives matter shirt was iconic and so tongue and cheek, I can't even.

I saw white people wearing shirts that told me my life mattered, like they were doing me such a favor by having a tshirt saying my life matters and that I didn't know that. So I thought I would return the favor"

-Ye west

LOL the irony is not lost Kanye.

Ye is fighting a war by himself and trying to warn us. What happens if they hurt him, some one is going to come back harder.

I recently deigned a cute white lives matter shirt on Etsy and got my account suspended. Literally suspended for hate speech.

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