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Algorithm and Intuition

Updated: Apr 2

Do you see videos you only ever thought about in your mind On TikTok? It is because of what they are not telling you. And we're here to explore this phenomena. Could it be that the algorithm is actually your intuition?

If you watch the documentary “The Social Dilema” on Netflix you see some of the most influential people in tech talk about how “the algorithm is extremely hard to control” and that it basically “runs on its own.”

Science and technology is spirituality and the non-physical explained in logical terms.

I mean can the algorithm be controlled by the users energy and thoughts?

I wouldn’t be surprised if sites like TikTok have an algorithm purely running off its user and their energy…

We are very powerful at manifesting I know for a fact.. To manifest i like to think with no resistance and it somehow pops up in my reality, sometimes in different ways but I see it.

The clearest example of that is how social media is run. I personally don’t think that American big tech knows how to do or control this. Possibly the only way to do this is spying on people.

China is clearly more spiritual and understanding in these concepts.

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