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Did you miss the last few episodes of "life on earth"?

Updated: Jan 11

Hey! So let me catch you up on the last few episodes of "life on planet earth" in case you missed it....

We learned that an elite group of psychopath billionaires with no love for humanity are amassing all the power and resources they can in preparation for the coming shutting off "the lights."

They are directing the central banks to print money, which is causing our money to be worth less and is causing us to be in a situation of artificial scarcity. They are also disrupting supply chains causing a number of other breakdowns in geo-political relations designed to create a new "dark age."

We also just learned that our heroes have to come together in a new way like never before if we are ever going to overcome this challenge. The worst part is that 99% of people are still asleep because they are hooked into the media-matrix that's convincing them that the purpose of life is to get money, consume and try to look good for others.

The good news is that in this crazy spoiler alert we just learned that our main character, which is you and me, actually have a number of secret hidden abilities and a ton of hidden support that maybe was never apparent and that is just starting to become clear from other people who have made the same promise to come and fight for the awakening of love and consciousness on planet earth, and we learned that the big key to most of our abilities are to actually follow and trust the signs and the feelings that will lead us to encounter the other people that are our kindred spirits, who are here to help us with this mission.

The enemy wants you to numb, so that's basically to disassociate from your feelings scroll, get distracted in mindless b.s. But actually the key to our awakening is to sit with all the uncomfortable feelings as they are arising, which will then give you a sense of your destiny and vibration required so that you can find the other angels that are going to help you on your mission.

We don't have much time but I think we are going to pull this off.

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