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Dear 70’s

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Thank you for your efforts, you guys were really on to something and opened up a path for us, and we honor you. How can we do it differently this time though?

Historically every few decades the masses have had enough, are unsettled, show up to revolt, protest and try the systems that feels oppressive and enslaving.

Let’s do things differently this time though. By elevating consciousness..

I think at this point in time and under current circumstances we are ready to create a new reality with love, compassion and a whole new world through enlightenment. Are we not ready? Reach out to friends.

All the information is out there. The good the bad the dark and even the really evil. We were born into a system, a grid of fear if you will.

As massive amounts of people awaken to the many truths a lot can get confusing, scary and even bring you to the point of wanting to check out.

It is felt by many who have been aware of the information for a while now, how difficult it is for others to receive. Open the eyes.

Anyone who is empathic feels the masses at large awakening as it comes in waves.

Its not a great feeling to hold; receiving the pain that the world is going through is hard for us animals. Leave the mind drop into the heart. Take deep breathes.

It is necessary now to hold the light for others as we go through this. Light some candles in your home.

There are so many souls that are troubled here and there and so many labeled as “crazy rambling” homeless people on the street who are actually geniuses.

Its the emotions that get the best of us. Being born into and dealing with situations that one might not have been prepared for in life can send anyone off the rails and its a slippery slope. Hold tight.

We were born into a paradoxical system that wants to control us unfortunately. Hold the line.

Whenever I get unleveled by the circumstances around me I like to remind myself the following;

You were sent to this earth for a reason, you actually chose to come here. You chose your parents, your soul jumped in. Your Soul has a karmic path, the goal is to become a master creator, don't be ashamed by it.

The fight now is to individually elevate consciousness, cut the ties, it looks darker by the minute but the light is right around the corner. Turn off your tv.

After a very long “patriarchal” system that was ruled by the age of "Pisces."

We are at the dawn of a new age..... of "Aquarius" lucky us, however difficult this may seam;

Lets usher it in properly!

Here are a few things that have been helpful to me along this path of getting out of the fear based program.

Knowing that divinity is with us at all times as the Native Americans call it a “hole in the sky” will always support you. Anywhere you happen to be on this earth, you and we are one with the earth and the energy flows through us. Tap into your surroundings.

Stay present my friends, we will shift. Amazing things are on deck!

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