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Central Banks & Credit Score Systems

Updated: Apr 2

If you have been awake for a while now then you are aware the collective is currently growing at an exponential rate.

And its all because a small group of people continuously chose to expose their corrupt overlords.

But what did they do?

They repeatedly caught them with their trousers down and put them on blast.

It doesn't matter if you are a Republican or a Democrat.

The truth....

Everyone we elect is a puppet of a much larger enterprise, overseen by handlers who jig their limbs to and fro in efforts to shift the global stage.

The United States is a business with a few psychopathic puppet masters.

Did I say psychopaths?

Very few politicians truly care about the citizen body that elects them. The majority of them care about one thing. That is maximizing their profit margin.

And what have we learned narcissists do when they lose their position of power?

They begin gaslighting their victims as if we are the cause for their poor choices.

They lose their ability to function

Their decision making abilities become clouded by rage and they begin making noticeable errors.

Truly think about everything thats recently happened. After the Covid narrative came. WWIII, in my opinion came under the Obama presidency. They just never televised it. He sent hundreds of billions of dollars to a surrogate country that was created for the purpose of trafficking minors and funding proxy wars.

Now they have moved on to ushering in their agenda of a central bank digital currency and social credit system. And the best way to do that is through simulated bank crashes.

The Job is to create chaos.

And our job is to continue raising our vibration and navigating through their program of chaos the best we know how.

Try not to worry, though.

The rising of nations are fueled by fear. Always have been. So commit to compassion and kindness. Eventually the narcissist disappears and we enter healthy relationships.

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