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Astral Projection and Lucid Dreaming

Updated: Jan 13

If you remember a dream in your waking hours I believe it was actually a message for you. Some may also also call it “Lucid Dreaming.”

Most times after we wake our dreams are quickly forgotten but we always have that one dream or a few that stay with us throughout the day. You may even remember it throughout your life.

What is a parallel universe?

Sometimes when I dream it's so real that I feel like I'm alive and in a parallel universe the people I speak to know me. It's similar to this world but oddly different, almost like a different time period. But again I say these people know me and I speak to them and every time I visit they tell me how much they miss me and ask me how long I will be staying this time.

That short moment of my dream is a long time in that parallel world and even though I want to stay longer I wake up here in this world. It is always the same place I go back to. It looks like the town I grew up in Mexico but around the turn of the last century, the color of the images are brown and white as if am looking through an antique photo lens and that is the color of that world through my eyes, it looks similar to the “sepia” filter on an instagram photo. There's also a lot of strange Picasso style contraptions, bikes I have never seen. I have two daughters one is very special to me as she needs some more help then the other and I have a husband who I love and loves me and when I wake he's there waiting for me. He makes a special brandy drink when I come to them almost like the Irish coffees they make at the Buena Vista on Hyde St in San Francisco always so happy to see me it almost feels like I'm in a bed at home and I come to consciousness every once in a while and they are caring for me and they love it when I come to my senses in their world, they exclaim “she is here!!” I try to stay as long as I can as they are family and I tell them that I am in Alta California and the year I am in is 2021 but we lose reception quickly like a radio tuning out and I regain my consciousness here as I hear them say “she's going again.”Its bittersweet, I really wish I could stay longer.

That being said.. Have you heard about the CIA releasing their documents on “Astral Projection?”

The CIA's Gateway Report on Astral Projection

So do we want to learn how to astral project intentionally?

Let's talk about it...

I'm going to share with you today how to astral project from my experience. According to Merriam-Webster Astral-projection is the ability of a persons’ spirit to travel to distant places, yes babes if you are astro-projecting your soul is literally leaving your body to travel the real-world okay? The only thing about that is that the Real World includes all these different dimensions this includes literally being able to travel anywhere that you want. Don't take this lightly, I mean anywhere! Ok enough of that let's get started on how you can astral project for yourself. So the very first thing that you're going to do is you're going to ask for a spiritual white light to ensure that no spirits and no entities mess with you while you are Astral-projecting and thank them for protecting you. So whenever you decide to do this in the morning or the night what you are going to do ask God / the universe for a white light protection by stating:

“God / the universe please white light protect me and ensure that no negative spirits entities or energies enter my auric field while I am Astral-projecting”

Now that you've done that you're going to decide what time you want to astral-project would it be morning or night honestly speaking morning is preferred because you grow more drowsy and being drowsy really helps you get into that state of astral projecting now what you're going to do is make sure that you can really relax, lay on your back, you're supposed to feel like you're about to fall asleep but that you're not going to fall asleep yet. What's really helped me here is not moving my body at all while I'm laying down because if you move your body at all your brain knows that you're awake and then boom you basically messed it up and can't do it.

Crystals like blue kyanite and selenite are great crystals to have while you're practicing because they help induce astral projection and also protect you from any kind of negativity. Once you reach the hypnotic state which is when your body thinks that you are asleep you are going to begin to focus on your body parts so curl your hands in your mind without actually physically curling your hands because you know that sensation when you feel like you want to move a body limb? You're just going to move it inside of your brain so you don't feel like you should physically move it in reality. From here you're going to shift into a vibration so you are going to feel your body vibrate that vibration is activating you into astral projection so once your body starts vibrating it feels like you're asleep your then going to use your brain to remove your soul from your body doing this is the last step that you need to get into the astral projection state.

Now once you've done that once you're out of your body and your astral-projecting be safe. It is highly recommended that you visualize having a cord attached to your soul from your body so that you can wander back if you ever get lost, not that that would happen to you or anything considering that you're being safe. If you are a beginner and you cannot do it off the first try keep going, keep trying because you're going to reach that point you're going to

be able to do it for some people comes more natural for some you got to practice but it will come with time trust me and be safe on your travels…….

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