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Artificial Intelligence a.k.a “A.I.”

Ever wonder how facebook got so terrible? It's because they are using artificially intelligent algorithms. Robot like artificial intelligence that takes a tiny clue of your search or browsing history, then tries to produce ads for you. It's all revenue based.

I'll be honest, this is wildly creepy and alien to me. Have you ever been talking about something like; "I need to buy cat food" and then it shows up in your feed? God forbid we search something without getting days of repetitive ads.

I heard a joke that a husband told his wife to be quite because Siri and Alexa were listening and I don't think it's a joke but an AI reality.

The algorithms are here to stay because this is the "age of Aquarius" after all and if you don't believe in Aliens, well their

technologies were ushered in around the turn of the century. Thank you internet.

I wonder how the citizens of earth will try and monetize it? Oh wait, they already did with A.I.

influencing the hell out of consumers inorganically.

Sorry not sorry for my rant but who regulates A.I.?

"With great power comes great responsibility"

  • a proverb popularized by the Spider-Man comic books written by Stan Lee.

I wonder if I can get fact checked on a private blog? I guess we'll see.

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